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Questions which came
up very frequently !

When to opt for stereo mastering and when for voice mastering?
If your mix is perfectly balanced and you are satisfied with the result, you can choose to master your stereo track. If you are in doubt or are not completely satisfied with your mix, it is better to opt for stem mastering. We then receive different stems (such as drums, bass, guitar, vocals, etc.) and can make a better balance.
If you have any doubts about your mix, you can also let us take care of the mix. Then you can be sure that the optimal result will come from your creative work.

In what format should I supply the audio?
You can deliver the tracks in 16 or 24 bit / 44.1 or 48 Khz wav or aiff files. 24 bit / 48 Khz is our preference.
If we're going to do stem mastering for you, deliver everything in stereo subgroups.

What should I do before submitting the tracks?
Remove all compression and limiter plugins from your master bus, and if necessary provide an example of how it sounds for you. It is also nice to provide a reference (artist and title) to get an idea of which direction the song should go. Make sure that all track have enough headroom for us to work with. Between 3 to 6 db below 0.

What do I have to send to make a mix?
If you let us do the mix we will need all the tracks with all the effects and plugins on the individual tracks. It is also wise to supply the tracks without the effects or plugins (eq, comp. etc). Delivery always takes place after consultation with WeTransfer.
It is important to give the tracks a good name. That saves a lot of time in preparation. We work with an abbreviation for the track name. Here's an overview of what we use:

DR - Drums
PC - Percussion
LO - Loops
BS - Bass
GE - Guitars Electric
GA - Guitars Acoustic
KE - Keys (piano, organ, etc)
SY - Synths
STR - Strings
HO - Horns
RE - Reeds
MA - Mallets
SFX - Soundeffects
LV - Lead Vocals
BV - Background Vocals 

So a kick or snare then becomes: DR-Kick and DR-Snare

I would like to change something about the master or mix?
A master has 2 free revisions. Often that is enough.
If it turns out that after mastering your song does translate properly and you still want to adjust the mix, an extra fee will be charged for this.

When do I have to pay?
The moment you have approved the song, an invoice will follow. After payment of the invoice, the original file will follow, suitable for streaming services, etc. Until then, you have received a file that does not play the entire song, or with a digital watermark.

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