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What do we have
to offer !


Record your music through great microphones (Neumann, Lewitt, AKG, Vanguard) through top preamps (Neve, Tegeler, API, SSL) through mastering grade converters (Antelope, AVID) for great sound without compromise.



A good mix is characterized by definition & detail, space & depth, punch and emotion. Through years of experience and fantastic equipment, we ensure that your track can compete with the enormous stream of songs that are offered daily on the streaming services.


Mastering is the last step in the production of a song or album. Problems are addressed, sound image is balanced and compression & limiting are applied. Your song is now ready for listeners.



Have drums, bass, keys or guitar play into your song, or do you want to outsource parts of the production. That's all possible. We have extensive experience in most styles of music...

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