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mixing | mastering | musicproduction

OK, tell me. What's it 
gonna cost me ?


The studio's hourly rate for recordings is € 55.00 per hour.

Professionele microfoon met pop filter


The rate for mixing depends on the number of tracks. Mastering always follows immediately after approval of the mix and is included.
The starting rate is € 175 (up to 24 tracks),
€250 (up to 48 tracks) and €310 (up to 72 tracks)


The rate for mastering a song is € 50 for the first song. Voice mastering costs €65 for a maximum of 6 stems (each additional voice costs €10

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The rate for music production, playing instruments, supervision during production is
€ 55 per hour. For complete productions, rates are on request.

All the above prices are exclusive of VAT.

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